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If your water heater has stopped delivering hot water, has a leak, A.B. Craig Plumbing can assess the problem and suggest the best way to fix it. Most water heaters have an average lifespan of approximately 10 to 12 years. If your water heater is not reliably working and is not that old yet, the most cost-effective solution in many cases is to have it repaired.

We offer water heater replacement services, along with a complete range of additional water heater services. Our experienced employees use their training and top-notch equipment during every residential or commercial water heater replacement, so you know you’ll receive high-quality work.

When your water heater in your home needs repair or if it is time to replace it, contact us today and schedule your appointment. We offer flexible hours for your convenience. We service the greater Norman Oklahoma area. When you trust A.B. Craig Plumbing for the installation of your new water heater, you will have years of safe and worry-free use. All of our jobs complete by all local safety codes and following the manufacturer’s guidelines. Manufacturer’s warranties are guaranteed.


Water Heater Installation

Replacing a broken water heater may not have been on your list of to-do’s, but rest assured the expert technicians at A.B. Craig Plumbing will help you repair your water heater. The new water heater will fit both your budget and your home. We can help educate you on the differences between a conventional or tank-less setup. We will also discuss the potential energy savings and price differences. You will know you are making the right decision before you make a purchase.

Our expertise is in installing, repairing, and replacing water heaters. If you don’t have enough hot water for all of your family members in the morning and your showers are too cold, don’t wait to replace your water heater tank today. Our licensed plumbers will help you pick the right water heater size and brand that is right for your home. Schedule with us today.

You need to know that your higher plumber will care for your property correctly when you need a new water heater. It would help if you had your water heater installation work done by experienced professionals. You want those professionals to keep the new heater running smoothly.


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Types Of Water Heaters

Conventional Storage Tank Water Heater: This style of water heater is the most popular. These kinds of heaters require the smallest initial investment. However, due to the higher cost of electric power, they are more expensive to operate than their gas-powered counterparts.

Heat Pump Water Heater (Hybrid Water Heater): This water heater hybrid can help save money on electricity because it doesn’t directly generate heat. Although they are initially more expensive, this style of water heater is unique in that is uses heat in the air and the ground to heat water. Electricity is in use to move heat from the land or air to the water, instead of the alternative where power generates heat.

Tankless Water Heater (On-Demand Water Heater): The “tankless” water heater features modern technology and can offer nearly endless hot water for your home. These are the latest innovation in heating system technology. By instantly heating water on demand as it passes through, they eliminate the need to store large volumes of heated water in a holding tank, making them the most energy-efficient option available. We service the greater Norman Oklahoma area.

Water Heater Troubleshooting & Repair:

How To Know If There is Water in the Water Heater?

First: The “Bypass” on the Water Heater should be in the standard operating position. There is a diagram on the water heater or the basement storage door showing the bypass and standard-setting. If you have a (UDC) Universal Docking Center, the Bypass for the Water Heater is probably located in or on the UDC. Other types of configurations could have the bypass valve inside or near water connections to the water heater tank.

Second: You will need to open a faucet and check that water flows equally when the valve is full of Cold and full to Hot settings.

Changing the Check Valve:

Some owners have experienced failed or broken check valves with the plastic units used on some models. If the check valve cracks or breaks, water will leak into the basement and underbelly. Also, a failed check valve may allow cold water or antifreeze (when winterizing) to enter through the hot water outlet to the water heater. Antifreeze can damage the water heater.

Obstruction of the Air Intake:

Check for evidence of insects or other foreign material blocking the air intake or burner tube Air Shutter. Clean as necessary.

Hi-Limit/ECO Switch and Thermostat Assembly:

If the direct spark ignition is not operating, and there is, therefore, no attempt to ignite the propane when the LP switch is turned on, and over-temperature condition may have occurred. Press both reset buttons. Try operating the LP switch again.

LP Mode Troubleshooting:

To activate or start LP mode, turn on the LP rocker switch in your control panel. When the ignition sequence is underway, you will see a small indicator light will illuminate for about 15 seconds to. The 15 seconds will have the control board attempt to purge air from the propane feed line and then will try to light the propane three times over the next 6 seconds. If it fails, the water heater will lock the LP operation for safety reasons, and the light will stay on. To clear the lockout, turn the switch off for 10 seconds and then turn on again to retry. Note that if the water in the tank is already heated, the ignition sequence may not occur until the water cools to less than 100 degrees.

Replacing the Heating Element and Gasket:

Replacement Suburban heating elements may be purchased from most RV dealers, or online. Compatible heating elements are also available at many big-box hardware stores. The standard part is 1440 watts. As of 2013, Suburban offers an item with a different composition that won’t be damaged if turned on with no water in the water heater. When replacing the part in 2013 or later water heaters, look for the newer type element.

Check Neutral before Replacing the Element:

Before replacing the element based on finding the voltage at the component, you should turn off power to the water heater (both switches), and check continuity of the white wire terminal (neutral), to the neutral pin of the closest RV outlet (the larger pin in the outlet). We service the greater Oklahoma metro area.


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